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Project Charter Templates


1. CDC project charter template

It might surprise you to learn this, but the CDC offers a number of high-quality project management templates for free. They don’t look particularly good, but they have fields for all the necessary data. This project charter template also includes detailed instructions on how to use it.

Download: (Direct link, Word)

2. NYU project charter template

 A simpler but more visually appealing project charter template from NYU’s management school.

Download: (Direct file, Word)

3. General-purpose project charter template

 A general-purpose project charter template from Solarity, a project management consultancy. This one is fairly detailed and with a neutral design that can be deployed quickly.

Download: (Direct file, Word)

4. Agency project charter/business proposal template

 This project charter template is designed specifically for use by project managers in agency settings. It can also double up as a business proposal given its focus and depth.

Download: (Word, PDF)


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