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Risk management Plans


1. Detailed risk management plan template

1.Detailed risk management plan template

This detailed template was created by the state of Georgia for all its internal projects. It includes sections for qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, risk mitigation, and best practices. You can also find detailed instructions on how to use it in your own projects.

Download: (Direct file, Word)


2. Project risk management plan template

2. Project risk management plan template

Created by Marc Arnecke, PMP, this flexible risk management plan template can be used in nearly any project. It includes room to explain your risk management approach, methodology, and key roles. It also includes a probability/impact matrix to quantify the importance of each risk.

Download: (PDF/Word)


3. Generic risk management plan

3. Generic risk management plan

UTDallas’s risk management plan template is short and simple with room to document risks, their priorities, and mitigation steps. Use it in simple projects where risks are fairly straightforward and easy to identify.

Download: (Direct file, Word)

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